OREANDA-NEWS. The last month before the New Year is a hot season for Father Frost, letters are sent to him from all over the country. Natalya Medvedkova, the head of the wizard's post office, told who and what writes to Veliky Ustyug, to the residence of Father Frost.

In November alone, about 23 thousand messages came to the wizard's residence. As for children, small children under 10 years old ask for Lego constructors and L.O.L dolls. But in the first place are various gadgets. This wish is made much more often this year than in the previous year.

In third place in popularity is large equipment: gyro scooters, quadcopters, laptops and tablets. They often ask Father Frost to give them bicycles. Pajamas in the shape of a unicorn and a shark from IKEA have also become popular requests.

As for adults, they mostly dream of health and happiness or talk about material things: apartments, cars, shares.

The press service of Father Frost reminds that you can write a letter to him at any time of the year. The post office, which serves his residence in Veliky Ustyug, is open all year round. In the summer, one hundred letters arrive, and closer to winter, 500-1000 messages every day. So far, in 11 months of 2020, 76,232 letters have come to the residence. Electronic of them no more than ten percent.

As reported by "360" TV channel, you can also send a letter to Santa Claus through his special mail. More than 30 boxes for collecting letters to the New Year's wizard have been installed in Moscow parks.