OREANDA-NEWS. A member of the professional jury for Eurovision - 2021 from Ukraine Igor Kondratyuk in the column for the "Observer" proposed to change the rules of the international song contest.

According to him, it is necessary to adjust the assessment criteria, banning the representatives of Russia from judging colleagues from Ukraine and vice versa.

Kondratyuk wrote: "I consider it immoral to evaluate anything and anyone who represents an aggressor country! For me personally, the aggressor is always in last place, regardless of the type of competition! Music can be outside politics, musicians and singers never (talking about those of them who have brains and honor) ".

Italy became the winner of the competition this year according to the total results of voting by professionals and spectators. The representative of Russia Manizha with the composition Russian Woman entered the top ten, taking ninth place. Ukraine is in fifth place.

It is clarified that the professional jury from Russia and Ukraine did not give each other's representatives a single point.

In a conversation with radio Sputnik, the proposal of the Ukrainian jury was assessed by music critic Yevgeny Babichev: “The jury still votes according to the neighbor principle, which they wanted to get rid of when they came up with this scheme. Usually the audience did this - Greece gave votes to Cyprus, Moldova - Romania. But looking at Today's results, it is clear that viewers voted for their favorites, and not for their neighbors. Now the scheme is more or less working, so the European Broadcasting Union is unlikely to seriously consider any single applications with a request to reconsider or someone to ban something. For about five years we will definitely observe just such a format. "