OREANDA-NEWS Electronic Arts has finally heard the appeals of fans of The Sims 4 life simulator. During the gamescom 2019, the announcement of the next expansion of The World of Magic took place. 

Subject to the players, little men will fall into a new world, where they can learn how to conjure. In The Sims 4, a new city Glimmerbrook will appear. It differs from ordinary towns in only one: the presence of a portal to the magical world. There you can become a magician and learn several spells. In addition, newly-made sorcerers will master potions and will be able to arrange duels on magic wands and acquire supernatural pets. 

The promising innovation "World of Magic" is classified as a game set, which means you should not wait for a lot of content. Although whole new cities rarely appear outside major additions. And for those who are not yet ready to spend money, we recall: custom modifications have long added magical features to The Sims 4. 

The Realm of Magic game set will be available on September 10 on PC and October 15 on consoles.