OREANDA-NEWS. Legendary film director Tim Burton will shoot a series about the grown-up Wednesday Addams from «The Addams Family» comics. The eight-episode project will be released on Netflix. In the original plot, Wednesday is obsessed with the topic of death, she constantly puts her brother Pugsley Addams in danger.

The series will be shot in the genre of detective and comedy, the plot will tell about the training of the heroine at the Nevermore Academy. The girl learns her magical features better, investigates a series of murders and solves the mystery, that her parents failed to solve 25 years ago.

Al Gough and Miles Millar, known for the series «Secrets of Smallville», will work on the script of the project, and «Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer» will produce the series. Timothy Burton is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and animator. The author of modern entertainment films, often based on black humor and macabre elements, he was a big fan of «The Addams Family» since his childhood.

The original American comedy television series «The Addams Family» was based on the comic books by Charles Addams.