OREANDA-NEWS. Tony Ciulla, who worked as Marilyn Manson's manager for 25 years, abandoned the rocker amid accusations of a harsh attitude towards women. This is written by «Rolling Stone».

Ciulla began to work with the rocker in 1996, when Manson released his second album, «Antichrist Superstar». He remained together with the rocker, despite the huge number of scandals associated with the artist, and the lawsuits brought against him. One of the biggest scandals was the condemnation of Manson's music and creativity after the Columbine School massacre on April 20, 1999. Two teenagers opened fire on their peers, allegedly listening to the songs of the shock rocker. This opinion became the main version of the investigation.

Rolling Stone journalists suggest, that the reason for Chiulla's dismissal was the statement of actress Evan Rachel Wood, who accused Marilyn Manson of violence. Later, 11 other women joined in the statements, and the California state senator sent a letter to the FBI demanding, that they investigate Manson.

Earlier, the label, that promoted the shock rocker's latest album, broke off his contract. The musician was also cut from two TV series, the premieres of the seasons with his participation were to take place in the near future.

Apart from a post on his Instagram, where Manson called the allegations against him «a horrific distortion of reality», the artist did not give any comments.