OREANDA-NEWS.The concept of development of a new communication standard in Russia provides for import substitution, this is spelled out in the project for the creation and development of 5G in the Russian Federation. The authorities will require telecom operators to pay special attention to domestic equipment and software.

“The list of such products includes, among other things, subscriber equipment, systems of operational investigative measures and data storage. The existing communication networks are already dependent on foreign equipment and software, the construction of 5G networks on them “creates risks of losing control over the digital infrastructure,” the Russian edition reported on May 14 with reference to the text of the concept prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.

Officials insist on "preemptive use" of Russian equipment, for which support measures are expected. In addition, possible sanctions for the supply of new foreign equipment may "lead to its degradation". The draft states that the disagreements with the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service and the FSB have already been resolved, but with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade - not yet. The Ministry of Economics and the Federal Antimonopoly Service still have not given their conclusion.

The largest Russian provider of digital services, Rostelecom, stated that they are already cooperating with domestic companies, but are not yet sure of the possibility of “producing the entire complex of necessary hard and soft” in Russia. At the same time, the company is ready to use domestic developments in 5G networks. The new communication standard 5G will be fully deployed in Russia since 2022. The government hopes that "radical security" won't depend on "critical penetration abroad".