OREANDA-NEWS. Ithaca College has selected Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud to improve operational efficiency and enhance staff, faculty and student engagement. With Oracle HCM Cloud, Ithaca College will be able to modernize its HR systems and gain greater organizational insight by taking advantage of a single, integrated solution for payroll, workforce information and employee management.

Established in 1892, Ithaca College is a private institution dedicated to fostering intellectual growth and character development in its students. It needed to replace time-consuming manual processes with a modern HR solution that could track staff performance and enable seamless collaboration both on and off-campus. After a careful evaluation of competing solutions, Ithaca College selected Oracle HCM Cloud for its real-time insights, detailed dashboards and ability to connect on any device.

“We desperately needed to modernize our HR systems to give our faculty and staff full support and visibility that heightens our ability to focus on the ultimate goal of student success.  Spotlighting our high-performing employees and helping them with their career paths aides in the ultimate outcomes for our students,” said Brian Dickens, CHRO, Ithaca College. “In the past, our manual HR processes made it very difficult to distinguish our high performers, and limited our ability to identify and engage with them. With Oracle HCM Cloud, we’re able to improve the communication between faculty, staff and students on-site and on any mobile-enabled device.”

With Oracle HCM Cloud, Ithaca College will be able to automate many of its HR processes to improve information accuracy and reduce payroll errors. Access to instant analytics and impactful reporting features will enable more strategic HR initiatives and well-informed decision making by improving performance insights. In addition, personalized cross-device experiences powered by Oracle HCM Cloud will enhance engagement by enabling students and faculty to quickly and easily access the information.

“As the cost of education continues to rise, higher education organizations are rethinking traditional processes to drive efficiencies and deliver the best possible student experience,” said Emily He, Senior Vice President, Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group, Oracle. “With Oracle HCM Cloud, higher-education organizations such as Ithaca College can improve education outcomes by using data-driven insights to spotlight high-performing staff and students, identify issues, streamline management and enhance engagement.”