OREANDA-NEWS. Oxford BioDynamics Plc (AIM: OBD), a revenue-generating biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel epigenetic biomarkers for use within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, announces that it has entered into a pilot development agreement with EpiFit PTE. LTD., ("EpiFit"), a new Singapore based Company, to identify epigenetic biomarkers to evaluate predispositions, variations and responses in healthy volunteers undergoing fitness programmes conducted by EpiFit.

The collaboration will leverage OBD's expertise in epigenetic stratifications by using it's EpiSwitch™ platform to help identify and monitor those healthy fitness volunteers and trainees who may benefit from EpiFit strength or endurance training programmes. EpiFit will be evaluating an individual's epigenetic state prior to the commencement of the training programme, as well as periodically during the study period, to identify those biomarkers that indicate an individual's suitability to aerobic and/or anaerobic training.

EpiFit will lead the participant recruitment and fitness development programmes, with OBD providing its proprietary EpiSwitch™ platform and validated methodology for the development, evaluation, and validation of epigenetic biomarkers.  Biomarker readouts will be based on minimally invasive blood testing.

Upon completion of the initial project, OBD has agreed to grant EpiFit the option of a multi-year global licence to use certain EpiSwitch™ biomarker panels in the supply of screening services to certain third parties. Such screening will initially be aimed at determining the right blend of aerobic and anaerobic training for individuals, in order to design customised training programmes that help maximise fitness and health benefits.

Christian Hoyer Millar, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford BioDynamics, said:

"We are delighted to be working with EpiFit to help analyse and monitor the effects of different fitness programmes on individuals using our propriety EpiSwitch™ platform.

It is well known that epigenetics profiles change in response to programmes of physical exercise and dietary regimes. Whether an individual is predisposed to and can benefit from a particular type of training would provide a highly valuable and practical guiding insight that will help across the full spectrum of fitness training, from the highly professional end and all the way to every health-conscious member of the population at large.

In this project OBD is following the same paradigm and methodology of epigenetic biomarker stratification as in response to treatment for predictive biomarkers - something OBD has been very consistent and successful in its projects with with pharmaceutical clients.  Our agreement with EpiFit further demonstrates the broad application potential of the Company's EpiSwitch technology platform."

EpiFit's CEO, Scott Callender, said:

"We have become increasingly excited about Episwitch™, and the huge role epigenetic science is likely to have in society in the years to come. We are involved in businesses in the "patient engagement" space, plus fitness training technology platforms, which have helped us to identify the value of Episwitch not only in identifying disease, but in keeping people healthy. By understanding what sort of exercise an individual will respond best to, we can design programmes that better avoid injury, and that maximise the health benefits to be derived. We believe "exercise is medicine", and that preventing people from getting sick in the first place, as being true healthcare."