OREANDA-NEWS. Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ:RGEN) today announced that is has extended a long-term supply agreement with Purolite Life Sciences for the manufacture of Protein A ligands at Repligen’s facilities in Waltham, MA and Lund, Sweden. Repligen is the main strategic supplier of Protein A ligands to Purolite, an emerging player in the Protein A resin market with its Praesto® line of modern agarose-based, high-flow chromatography resins. Pursuant to the agreement, Repligen will supply Protein A ligands to Purolite through November 2022, with an option for renewal through 2025. Protein A chromatography remains the gold standard for monoclonal antibody purification, consistently providing outstanding results. 

Steve Tingley, VP of Sales for Repligen said, “We are delighted that Purolite has made the decision to extend our current supply agreement, which ensures the supply of high quality Protein A ligands to Purolite for the next five to eight years. This agreement is supported by Repligen’s business continuity plans, quality systems and research and development expertise. We look forward to building on our relationship with Purolite, both as their primary Protein A ligand supplier and through the recently announced collaboration with Purolite on OPUS® pre-packed columns.” 

Chris Major, VP of Sales for Purolite, said “In 2015, we signed our first supply agreement with Repligen. They were a natural choice for us due to their reputation in the industry for quality and reliability, coupled with the fact they are the largest producer worldwide of Protein A ligands. Purolite has benefited from Repligen’s unmatched expertise in ligand development and manufacturing, and their ability to provide dual site supply for critical raw materials, scalable manufacturing capacity and flexibility -- all of which are key considerations as we prepare to further penetrate the chromatography resin market. Today, our Praesto® resins continue to gain rapid traction in the industry and in response to customer requests, this extended agreement enhances our commitment to the security of supply of our highly competitive agarose-based Protein A resins.”

Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ:RGEN) is a global bioprocessing company that develops and commercializes highly innovative products that deliver cost and process efficiencies to biological drug manufacturers worldwide. Our portfolio includes protein products (Protein A affinity ligands, cell culture growth factors), chromatography products (OPUS® pre-packed columns, chromatography resins, ELISA kits) and filtration products (XCell™ ATF systems, TangenX™ Sius™ flat sheet TFF cassettes, and Spectrum KrosFlo™ hollow fiber TFF cartridges and systems). The Protein A ligands and growth factor products that we produce are key components of Protein A affinity resins and cell culture media, respectively. Protein A affinity resins are the industry standard for downstream separation and purification of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics. Growth factors are used in upstream processes to accelerate cell growth and productivity. Our innovative line of OPUS® chromatography columns, used in downstream processes for bench-scale through clinical-scale purification needs, are delivered pre-packed to our customers with their choice of resin and bed height. Our XCell™ ATF Systems, available in stainless steel and single-use configurations, continuously eliminate waste from a bioreactor to concentrate cells and significantly increase productivity in upstream processes. Single-use Sius™ TFF cassettes and hardware are used for biologic drug concentration in downstream filtration processes. Spectrum KrosFlo™ TFF cartridges and systems are used in both upstream and downstream filtration processes. Repligen’s corporate headquarters are in Waltham, MA (USA), with additional administrative and manufacturing operations in Shrewsbury, MA, Rancho Dominguez, CA, Lund, Sweden and Weingarten, Germany.