OREANDA-NEWS. Rosgeologia is to create a regional geological model as well as a methodological and technological base for the study and development of hard-to-recover Paleozoic deposits of the Nyurol Structural-Facies Zone. The relevant state contract has been signed by the holding company. The client is the Department of Subsoil Resources Management of the Central-Siberian District.

The target site is located in Tomsk and Novosibirsk Regions.

Rosgeologia specialists will review and summarize geological and geophysical information on Paleozoic formations containing hard-to-recover hydrocarbons; assess the quality of initial drilling in Paleozoic reservoirs and of available testing data; fulfill a targeted interpretation of 2D seismic surveys based on a single special sequence that is assumed the best for Paleozoic deposits; create synthesized cubes (2D+3D CMP); and build volumetric petrophysical models based on seismic and well logging data. Furthermore, a series of analytical studies will be carried out, as well as assessment of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon resources in Paleozoic deposits including minimum, optimum, and maximum scenarios. Thereafter, the specialists will select fields with similar characteristics, build digital 3D models for reference deposits with the help of up-to-date software, model formation of hydrofractures, and predict the scenario of hard-to-recover (HTR) hydrocarbons development in Paleozoic deposits. Worldwide and domestic practices of well stimulation and hydrocarbon field development in similar structure reservoirs will be also studied.

Reservoir engineering solutions are to be modeled for HTR Paleozoic reserves development, and feasibility and efficiency of their implementation in the fields of Tomsk and Novosibirsk Regions will be assessed.