OREANDA-NEWS Doctors can predict the risk of a patient dying for no more than a year. For this, the results of various analyzes are used, as well as the level of blood pressure. However, the staff of the Institute for Biology of Aging at the Max Planck Society (Germany) decided to go much further - they created a test to assess the risks of dying in the next ten years.

In developing the test for the likelihood of death in the next ten years, scientists used data obtained from a study involving forty-four thousand people. The age of the participants is from eighteen to one hundred and nine years. Scientists determined the risk of death on the basis of factors such as BMI, pressure, cholesterol, the amount of alcohol consumed, the presence of a tendency to cardiovascular and oncological diseases, and so on.

During the study (and it lasted sixteen years) five and a half thousand participants died. According to the results of the project, the researchers recorded fourteen biomarkers that affect life expectancy. A blood test for the likelihood of death is based on the study of this set of biomarkers.