OREANDA-NEWS. The Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH, part of Rostec) has created a new type of silencer with a replaceable heat-absorbing module.  This was reported on Tuesday to journalists in the press service of Rostec.

 The design of the silencer allows you to change the module in the field, and if necessary, weapons can be used without it - for example, in automatic firing mode.  The new silencer is lightweight and compact: its length is 210 millimeters, diameter 38 mm, weight 350 grams.

 “The latest removable module with heat-absorbing elements are highly compact.  Silencers do an excellent job of braking and cooling powder gases.  As a result, we have a significant reduction in the sound of a shot, while the appearance of sparks, flames and smoke is excluded, ”said a representative of Rostec.