OREANDA-NEWS. A resident of Canada lost the feeling of hunger for 15 months after suffering a stroke. As doctors found out, the 25-year-old girl's disease damaged the left insular lobe of the brain, which is responsible for taste perception and appetite control, writes Russian media «MIR 24».

The girl had a stroke in the second month of pregnancy. The right side of her body was paralyzed and her speech was impaired. Doctors diagnosed her with an acute ischemic stroke of the left insular lobe of the brain. After 11 days, the patient began to recover and completely recovered after a few months. Despite her good health, the Canadian caught herself thinking that for the last six months after the stroke, she did not feel hungry at all.

The pregnant woman was examined by scientists from the University of Montreal. The study showed that she actually does not feel physiological signals when she is short of calories. At the same time, her perception of the taste and smell of food was not disturbed. Experts also found no signs of eating disorders in her. The Canadian herself did not follow any diets and did not use psychoactive substances.

The feeling of hunger returned to the resident of Canada after 15 months. During this time, she lost 13 kg.