OREANDA-NEWS Foreign experts have developed a simple but quite sensitive test that allows to determine a cancerous tumor due to a change in the color of urine. The new device has already been tested on laboratory mice, and it showed good results.

With the introduction of nanosensors that are cleaved by enzymes and secreted by a tumor in the colon, scientists were able to follow the whole process. At the time of the destruction of nanoscale devices by proteolytic enzymes, urine turns blue. According to Professor Stevens, thanks to this chemical reaction, you can save a lot of money and not spend expensive and complex laboratory tests.

In their study, experts involved 14 patients and healthy laboratory rodents. After 30 minutes of the experiment and chemical treatment, only mice with a colon tumor had a bright blue color, but in healthy individuals it remained unchanged, experts emphasize. Nevertheless, testing and improvement of the new technology will continue further.