OREANDA-NEWS.The Ministry of health proposes to introduce mandatory testing of future spouses for the presence of tendencies to psychiatric and other mental disorders that can potentially have a devastating impact on their future life together as spouses. 

In Russia, says Petrov, there are regular discussions on measures to combat violence, divorce and other conflict situations within young families. The Deputy notes that the topic of domestic violence, aggression and even homicides within families has become particularly relevant in recent years.

The fact that before registering a relationship in the registry Office, a man and a woman must undergo a medical examination, including psychiatric, and provide information to each other, the chief psychiatrist of Russia stated, speaking in 2014 at a special meeting of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society and human rights, dedicated to the bill "On prevention and prevention of family and domestic violence." The doctor noted that he as a specialist often have to deal with the fact that relatives hide the disease from each other.