OREANDA-NEWS Almost a trillion rubles have been allocated for the Federal project to combat cancer in the framework of the national project "Healthcare". This is stated in the materials on the national project "Health", published on Monday on the website of the government of the Russian Federation.

According to the government, the amount of funding for the Federal project "Fight against cancer", which is part of the national project "Health", is 969 billion rubles.

In General, the national project is planned to send 1.725 trillion rubles until 2024, of which more than 1.37 trillion rubles - the Federal budget.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation by 2024 will re-equip 45 Federal medical organizations with Oncology departments, according to the materials to the national project "Health Care".

According to them,"45 Federal medical organizations with an oncological unit in their structure will be re-equipped with medical equipment by 2024."

In six years, the number of outpatient cancer care centers across the country should increase to 420.

In addition, 18 reference centers will appear in Russia by the end of 2020 to control immunohistochemical, pathomorphological and radiation studies of cancer. They will allow to confirm diagnoses as quickly as possible. All centers will be established on the basis of leading medical institutions, including to provide organizational and methodological assistance and coordination of laboratories and analysis centers.

The modernization of the Federal, regional and district infrastructure, the introduction of updated clinical guidelines, increasing the coverage of Russians with medical examination and preventive examinations, training and retraining of specialists will allow to reduce mortality from tumors, including malignant tumors from 200.6 per 100 thousand population to 185 by 2024, according to the materials.

To increase the early detection of cancer, the Ministry of Health will implement an information and communication campaign on television, radio and the Internet for six years. It is planned that by 2024 it will cover 70% of Russians.

The total cost of implementing the national projects is 25.7 trillion until 2024, follows from the government.