OREANDA-NEWS. A new development from the Advanced Research Foundation can reveal even small concentrations of substances in the air, just like a dog's nose. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Foundation.

This electronic nose is a biotechnical chip consisting of living cells and a special device that supports their vital functions and analyzes their current state.

After entering the cell of the desired substances, they are recognized by receptors on the surface of the cells, as a result of which they pass into an excited state, which in turn is immediately registered by the technical system of the cell, the press service of the Foundation quotes the creators of the device.

The cell state registration system transmits the received information to the computer. So the biochip in just a minute can determine the presence of markers of tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes and other diseases in the air exhaled by a person. All thanks to the particles that are contained in the air analyzed by the device.

Note that scientists from different countries are striving to combine the high sensitivity of a dog's sense of smell and the accuracy of electronics.

Earlier Vesti.Ru wrote about an electronic nose with artificial intelligence, which copes with the detection of prostate cancer no worse than dogs, showing an efficiency of 70%.