OREANDA-NEWS. The risk of invulnerable strains of coronavirus will depend on the speed of global vaccination, the rate of formation of collective immunity and the rate of mutations of the virus. This was announced by the doctor-immunologist, candidate of medical Sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov in an interview with «Moscow 24».

The doctor noted that now the «beta» strain is already being displaced from almost everywhere, so «lambda» should be considered as a possible mutation along with «gamma» and «delta».

«Inside, for example, the "delta" line, a variant may appear that will have better abilities to evade specific immunity. But this is an assumption. It works this way if we do not change the vaccines in any way», Kryuchkov explained.

The specialist added that new variants of the coronavirus can be dealt with by adapting existing vaccines to them. In addition, to reduce the risks of more dangerous strains, it is necessary to achieve collective immunity of at least 80-85%.

«Yes, vaccines really do not reduce the ability to get infected as well as we would like. But the probability still falls, thereby there is a cumulative effect for the formation of collective immunity», the immunologist said.