OREANDA-NEWS.  A developer of technology for traffic management BaseTracK announced an upcoming demonstration of one of the working prototypes of the company. July 16, as part of the educational intensive "Island 10-22" in SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology everyone will be able to see, and if there is sufficient charge to test unmanned taxi Gazelle Next Eva on the territory of the Innovation center.

The proposed technology includes installed in the vehicle telematics device and the software, which creates on the way the points system for the movement of the machine, the so - called "virtual rails".

“Optical sensors in the real world, exposed to dirt, snow and rain. In a situation when the snow covered the markings or signs slapped, optics can’t cope. And since we are not using optics, we are not afraid of weather and don't need the markup, we can go right on the field. The main thing that was virtual rails”, - said the founder of BaseTracK, Andrey Vavilin.