OREANDA-NEWS. It has already become a tradition that Apple does not disclose all the functionality of the developed version, but by an incredible coincidence, a few hours before the announcement, the company announced innovations that will soon appear on Apple devices.
Here are just a few features that we may see in the very near future: background sounds of the sea surf and the murmur of water that will help users relax, meditate; the ability to control the apple watch smart watch without touching, only with the help of hand movements; the ability to control the iPad device with a glance without touching; a new service for translating sign language into verbal and written speech; the ability to more individually control headphones; the ability to control devices using sounds (clicks, pops, etc.); customizable visual parameters in all applications for users with color blindness or vision problems etc.
According to Sarah Hurlinger: Apple has long believed that the best technology in the world should meet the needs of every user, and our team works tirelessly to make what we produce more affordable.