OREANDA-NEWS Ryan Pickren, an American student studying cybersecurity, discovered a new way to access the Internet accounts of Apple Mac users, as well as the webcam and other parts of the PC. As a reward for this, the Cupertino company paid the enthusiast 100.5 thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that Pikren, who had previously found vulnerabilities in Apple gadgets, received perhaps the largest payout in the company's history. According to the student, the new vulnerability was related to a series of problems with Safari and iCloud, which Apple has already fixed.

The full description of the exploit states that it gives the attacker full access to all user accounts, from iCloud to PayPal, as well as permissions to use a webcam, microphone and display the contents of the screen.

Earlier it became known that British specialist Mark Webber from the University of Sussex, together with colleagues, studied how powerful a quantum computer would be needed to crack bitcoins. They found that this would require a computing machine based on 30 to 300 million qubits.

On the same day, a group of Chinese scientists published an article in which they reported on the development of a quantum computer architecture to crack any modern ciphers. The architecture allows cracking codes using a relatively small number of qubits — at the level of 10 thousand, whereas previously it was believed that encryption would be broken by systems with 100 thousand qubits or more. This means that the compromise of modern ciphers is not far off.