OREANDA-NEWS. The Skross World Adapter has dual USB ports and features plug standards for Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Congratulations to Dan D. of Malden, Massachusetts, for winning a fixie bike from Critical Cycles last week, and to Jason B. of Las Vegas for winning a Blu-ray copy of "Deadpool" and a prop from the movie's set the week before that.

With summer almost upon us, you might have some international travel planned (if so, I envy you greatly). How much easier would your globetrotting be if you had an easy way to access outlets the world over? Turn your wanderlust to this week's prize.

We've got two products from Skross, a Swiss maker of mobile travel accessories. The World Adapter MUV USB, a combination USB charger and travel plug, works with two-pole outlets in more than 220 countries to let you plug in and charge up. And the Buzz interactive 2in1 charging cable, which has Lightening and Micro-USB connectors, and sounds an alarm when left behind in an airport, hotel or anywhere else.

Together, these products would cost you approximately $85. So how do you go about packing them both in your suitcase for free?

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