OREANDA-NEWS. The festival of robotics, during which the latest domestic developments will be demonstrated, including the android Robo-C, will be held for the first time within the framework of the Army forum, the organizing committee of the exhibition reported.

"For the first time, within the framework of the Army-2021 International Military-Technical Forum and the Year of Science and Technology, the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center will host the RoboArmy Festival of Robotics and Innovative Technologies. The exhibits include humanoid androids such as the Robo-C robot. who knows how to communicate, express emotions and is able to take on the appearance of any person on Earth," the message says.

It is noted that the festival will show the best advanced developments of scientists from all over the country in the field of robotics, space, aviation, VR and AR technologies, bionics and neurotechnology.

Among the 60 participants are leading Russian universities, such as the Research Institute of Mechanics, the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, the Faculty of Chemistry and the VR Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University, MAI, MISiS, MIPT, BSTU Voenmekh. International scientific laboratories and technology parks will also present their achievements.

As part of the "RoboArmy", master classes on programming and control of robots and drones, robot fights, film premieres of scientific documentaries are planned.

"Army-2021" will be held from 22 to 28 August in Kubinka near Moscow.