OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists have recognized the coronavirus strain discovered in the UK as more dangerous than previously thought, that is, than the original form of the pathogen. This conclusion can be drawn from the report of the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Viruses (NERVTAG).

Experts looked at data on COVID-19 cases from leading medical institutions in London and found that the new variant of the virus is 30-70 percent more deadly. At the same time, the researchers emphasized that although all the statistical data revealed such a trend, a more detailed analysis is needed to establish the causes and more accurate indicators of the lethality of the VUI-202012/01 strain.

Scientists suggest that the increased risk of death is associated with an increased viral load when infected with the "British" variant of the coronavirus, which causes a more severe course of the disease.

In mid-December, a new mutation SARS-CoV-2 was discovered in the UK, which was named VUI-202012/01. Later it became known that it spreads 70% (according to other estimates, 56%) faster than the original. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the identified mutation is 30% more lethal than the previously known, and up to 70% more infectious, but so far there has been no official confirmation from scientists. In recent months, cases of VUI-202012/01 infection have been registered in at least 80 countries, including Russia.