OREANDA-NEWS. A British woman who worked as a secretary for a medical company suffered from pain caused by the lenses in her glasses for more than six years. Before finding out the real cause of the malaise, doctors, among other procedures, even reduced the woman's breasts.

According to the «Daily Mail», 74-year-old Barbara Smith spent a lot of time at the computer for work. Over time, she developed numbness in the lower part of her neck, which spread to her shoulders. Later, she began to feel pain in these parts of her body when moving. The woman turned to medical specialists of different profiles, trying to find out the causes of the pain that tormented her. One of the doctors prescribed her medication for arthritis. Another suggested, that the cause of the pain could be an impressive bust, and the patient agreed to breast reduction surgery.

In the end, the real cause of Smith's problems was accidentally discovered by an ophthalmologist. During the vision check, the doctor noticed, that it was painful for the woman to move. He asked if her glasses were fitted with varifocal lenses. Smith replied in the affirmative.

«The doctor said, that they could be a source of discomfort, as I constantly moved my neck to see properly. I wore varifocal lenses for about 20 years, and it seemed incredible to me that these barely noticeable movements can provoke such pain», the British woman said.

Smith listened to an ophthalmologist and bought glasses with lenses better adapted to working at a computer, after which the pain, that tormented her, disappeared.