OREANDA-NEWSIn Vietnam, military surgeons for the first time successfully transplanted a brush from a living donor. This was reported by the newspaper of the Communist Party "Nyan Zan" with reference to the 108th hospital in Hanoi, in which the operation took place.

A transplant to a man who lost a brush as a result of an industrial accident in 2016 was carried out on January 21. The donor was another patient with an industrial injury who had a damaged shoulder: he couldn’t save his hand, but the wrist practically did not suffer as a result of the accident, and the man agreed to donate it to another patient.

The transplant operation lasted eight hours, and immediately after it the man could already move his fingers, said head physician Nguyen The The Hoang. Now, after more than a month, the patient can already hold some things with his left hand, for example, a table tennis ball, however, in order to develop a new brush, he needs to continue physiotherapy sessions. According to doctors, complete rehabilitation will take from six months to a year, writes Vietnam News.

Nguyen Thehe Hoang noted that limb transplantation is a rather complicated operation. In addition to the skills of the surgeon, it requires that the donor and recipient be compatible both in the blood group and in the immune system.