OREANDA-NEWS. A compact device named "Tactile Hand" was created by scientists of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education together with the specialists of the company “Group Systematics”. The device allows the blind to receive text and voice messages using tactile sensations.

It is enough to just wear a cuff on the forearm (a bit higher than wrist). The device is equipped with several motors. Motors turn on in a certain sequence for a short time. In that way a blind user can get the information, because signal coding is based on Braille symbols.

With the help of "Tactile Hand", people with visual disabilities will be able to receive short voice and text messages and emails, to use mobile applications for navigation in the city. Also, this device will allow to protect hearing of blind people, which, as a rule, suffers from overload, and to get messages in the street or in any noisy areas.

Scientists from the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education say that “Tactile Hand” will literally allow people with impaired visual function to read SMS by touch. The gadget can be synchronized with mobile applications, transmitting text information in form of vibrations.

Currently, “Tactile Hand” is being tested with participation of volunteers in focus groups. According to the research results, the gadget will be completed and put into mass production.

Russian media report that a trial batch of devices has now been released. The developers intend to modify the device so that with its help a user can respond to received messages or dial an “alarm” phone number in case of unforeseen circumstances.