OREANDA-NEWS. Within the framework of the project "Lenta.ru" to the 180th anniversary of Sberbank CEO of the service Rabota.ru Vadim Shapovalov told what the professions of the future will be.

According to Shapovalov, new professions will appear at the junction of industries, and many of them will be related to information technology. "Among the professions relevant in the future, we can safely name, for example, specialists in alternative types of energy, managers of digital transformation, as well as specialists in IT and AI [artificial intelligence] ethics," Shapovalov said.

In addition, the specialties of the near future will be closely related to the adaptation of society to new technologies and their organic implementation. "The concept of a profession is being transformed, and the usual specialty is being replaced by a specialist's portfolio of competencies, with which he can connect to the performance of various works, as well as project activities," the expert says.

At the same time, the emergence of new professions directly related to robotics and automation will not lead to the complete displacement of people from the labor market. Current specialists will have to adapt to new conditions and improve their skills, but those who cope with this task will be able to fit seamlessly into the world of the future and maintain their positions, Shapovalov believes.

Special project "Lenta.ru" is dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the Savings Bank. It tells in detail about the large-scale technological and social transformations that humanity is experiencing in connection with the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. These changes already concern genetics, bioengineering, medicine, economics, education and other key areas. The speakers of the project were the leading specialists of the Beac.