OREANDA-NEWS Artificial intelligence has already achieved a lot. Every day artificial intelligence programs are used in various fields. No one is surprised that the AI is able to identify a person by fingerprint, but the Chinese programmers from Megvii have come up with something new. They developed a neural network capable of recognizing dogs by their nose prints.

The fact is that the imprint of a dog's nose is in many ways similar to our fingerprints. It is also unique, so if you have a database of prints, it allows you to recognize a specific animal.

Specialists from Megvii explain: with the help of their application, you can register a dog in the system using a smartphone camera. All you need to do is to take a close-up picture of the dog's nose from different angles. After that, the system with a probability of up to 95 percent will be able to recognize the animal in case it comes into view of the camera connected to the system.

Recognition of pets is becoming more common in the past few years. Increasingly, animal-protective organizations have resorted to this, the service is also in demand among owners who have lost their pet. Law enforcement agencies are also interested in such developments: to recognize a dog sent for a walk without supervision or to fix that the owner is walking it without a muzzle, and then sending the fine will now become much easier.