OREANDA-NEWS. The weather is worsening in Moscow, snow charges and gusty winds are predicted. Due to the deteriorating weather conditions, cafes and restaurants were recommended to close summer verandas where they still work.

The cold arctic air has approached the capital very close, so the weather will get worse in the next few hours. By this time, snowfalls have reached the capital region. Snow fell from the sky in the Klinsky and Sergiev Posad districts. Moreover, in some places there were quite strong snow charges.

A lot of still unusual winter videos in social networks are posted by residents of the capital who have taken refuge from the coronavirus in their dachas near Moscow. Also on Tuesday morning, snow fell in the Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod and Ivanovo regions. Many drivers took the forecasters' warnings seriously and decided to change summer tires for winter ones on their cars.

Winter is already very close to the Russian capital. A temporary tender cover was formed in the Tver region, three hundred kilometers from Moscow. Snow lies 70 kilometers from St. Petersburg. And in the north it is not at all autumnal white: in the Arkhangelsk region in places there are snowdrifts up to 24 centimeters high.

Over the northwestern and central regions of Russia, cloud accumulations are displaced, which carry sleet with them. So, in the vast territory from Karelia to the Volga region, short-term precipitation will be noted today.

Snow charges will be accompanied by increased wind. Its gusts of more than 10 meters per second are expected in the northwest and in the center of the country up to the Middle Volga. Moreover, in the south of the Central Region, the wind can accelerate to 15 meters per second and higher.