OREANDA-NEWS  Holding "Roselectronics" (part of "Rostec") is considering the possibility of producing a line of clothing from changing the color and pattern of the intellectual camouflage coating for military equipment. Also, the material can be used to create advertising media, the press service of the holding reported.

The technology was developed by order of the Ministry of Defense at the Central Research Technological Institute "Technomash" (part of Roselectronics).

"At the moment, the Institute is investigating the possibility of using the material in civil industries and developing prototypes of products. In the future, the technology may be in demand to create clothes or advertising media," the holding reported.

According to experts, the company managed to achieve a color identity with the environment in which the object is located. As a result, the object is not visible to the human eye at a distance of 15 meters and further.

As stated earlier in Rostec, the electrically controlled coating for the military will be able, depending on the environment, to change colors and simulate complex graphics, up to the foliage swaying in the wind. This allows armored vehicles with such a disguise or fighters in the "Warrior" with the applied material to remain invisible to the enemy in the optical range - equipment and the military will merge with the background, which will copy the material.

The prototype of the chameleon material was first presented at the Army 2018 forum: the Ratnik helmet with such a coating was demonstrated. The State Corporation noted that the use of the coating does not require a lot of energy and computing power: when changing the color no more than once every 1.5 seconds, 4-20 W per square meter of material will be spent.