OREANDA-NEWS  Protective antibodies in many people begin to fade about six months after two injections with Pfizer or AstraZeneca. This conclusion was made by British scientists from the Zoe Covid Study which analyzed over a million positive tests made in May-July this year.

According to the obtained data, the Pfizer vaccine gives protection in 88% of cases one month after the second vaccination, and in only 74% after five to six months. For the AstraZeneca vaccine, the corresponding figures are 77% and 67%.

The project's leading specialist, Professor Tim Spector, is confident that a booster (reinforcing) vaccination is needed in six months. “The data we have received requires the government to act”, - he told the BBC. "You can't sit and watch the protection gradually melt away".

However, another authoritative expert, a member of the interdepartmental committee on vaccination and immunization, professor of the University of Bristol Adam Finn says that there is no need to rush with the third vaccination. According to him, after two vaccinations, people mostly get sick, then in a mild form.

“We need to watch carefully to see if the number of severe cases starts to grow, and then, of course, a booster vaccine will be needed”, - he said.

If the third vaccination is realy needed, then it is needeed to start with the elderly British since they began to be vaccinated in the first place, therefore, they will run out of antibodies earlier than others, the expert said.