OREANDA-NEWS Russia will build the first private spaceport for suborbital flights. The launch pad in the area of 2.5 by 2 km will be equipped with two launch tables. First of all, the new cosmodrome will be used to launch reusable tourist ships. The cost of the project is 40 million dollars. The cosmodrome is planned to be located on the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region or the Republic of Tatarstan.

As a rule, suborbital flights are carried out with the help of light missiles and do not require a large exclusion zone around the launch site — it provides a safe fall of the spent stages of larger carriers. This fact opens the possibility for the construction of spaceports with a convenient geographical location in the densely populated part of Central Russia. They will be convenient for small companies interested in suborbital flights. The first such platform can become a spaceport to be built in the framework of the project of the Russian company, the SKOLKOVO resident "Cosmocats".

"The Baikonur cosmodrome is located far from the Central part of the country and has the infrastructure for launching medium and heavy launch vehicles, which is not suitable for the implementation of our project, —  said Pavel Pushkin, General Director of the company. — If we talk about the Vostochny cosmodrome, there are no convenient fields for landing. Therefore, we have designed our own site exclusively for suborbital launches.  "

It is assumed that the new cosmodrome will be located on a site of 2.5 by 2 km (total area — 5 million square meters). It will be equipped with one launch pad with two non — buried start tables-the main and the backup, made according to a simplified scheme (without robotic elements). As well as service towers that provide access to the installed rocket. Even on the territory of the complex there will be a system for refueling and storage of fuel, transport and installation unit and some other elements.