OREANDA-NEWS. U.S. engineers have developed a magnetic field-controlled endoscope for examining and conducting operations in blood vessels.  It consists of an inner rod, a layer of material with magnetic particles, which allows you to bend the endoscope in any direction, and an outer layer of hydrogel, which facilitates sliding along the vessel wall.  Engineers created a prototype in which the inner layer consists of optical fiber, through which they illuminated the inner surface of the vessel model with a laser.  Article published in Science Robotics.

 The device is controlled by magnetic fields, which, in turn, are controlled by a computer.  The developers have already tested the robot on a full-size human brain model and a miniature obstacle course.

 According to the engineers, the robotic thread will make the surgeon's job easier: he will not need to push it through the patient’s blood vessels with physical force, which means that he will be next to the fluoroscope.  He will be able to control the thread while in the next room.

 Engineers hope that with the help of their robot, the technology of endovascular operations on the vessels of the brain will become more advanced, that is, more efficient and safe for both the doctor and the patient.  In addition, robonite can be made even better, for example by replacing the nitinol core with an optical fiber, and thus treat the vessels with a laser from the inside.  Or deliver with it to the right places medical products.  The next step of the engineers is to test the robot on a living patient.