OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists from mit and Harvard University (USA) were able to apply the technology of gene editing CRISPR used to add new genes into living cells in order to create new materials. An example of such substances have become a hydrogel, which changes its properties under certain conditions.

Ability popular technology for genome editing CRISPR/Cas to cut DNA strands used to control the movements of the balls of the hydrogel, which were in a network of molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid. If you change the configuration of the networks, caused by the action of CRISPR, and changed the position of the balls. In the future, CRISPR-controlled hydrogels can be used for targeting of drug release and remote trigger various other processes, according to a paper published in Science.

As a result, the hydrogel acquires a new form or dissolves completely, releasing a portable payload, which can be applied accurately delivered to the pathogen or cancer cells medicine.