OREANDA-NEWS. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova explained the rise in the incidence of COVID-19 abroad by the fact that countries were permanently closed, people stayed at home, and did not develop herd immunity.

The Vice Prime Minister, in an interview with the RT TV channel, drew attention to how the epidemiological situation is developing in other countries and in Russia. She believes that one of the reasons for this development is that other countries were permanently closed. People stayed at home, they did not go outside, they are sterile in the sense of the virus. They leave the house, and they get infected with the virus. "This, in her opinion, is an explanation of why a slight rise is expected in the Russian Federation, when there is a strong increase in the incidence abroad.

Golikova is sure that this is why people in other countries did not develop herd immunity.

Also, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation said that in Russia there are now no grounds for closure due to the coronavirus, the country is in a period of stabilization and decline, it has been going on since December. According to her, the attitude towards this was cautious back in December, since the New Year holidays were ahead. Now in Russia there is a steady decline in the disease.