OREANDA-NEWS. Neuroscientists and neurophysiologists came to the conclusion, that the coronavirus can affect the brain last fall. One of the severe consequences of the disease was a state of «brain fog», which can persist for several months.

There are many reasons why people who have been ill with COVID-19 are affected by «brain fog»: inflammatory processes in the body, a lack of oxygen entering the brain, as well as the general state of immunity, writes «Life». The number of patients with such a brain disorder can reach 20-30% of the total number of people infected with coronavirus.

British neuroscientist Mathias Rangethis, postgraduate student of the faculty of biology and medicine, king's College London noted, that patients with even mild forms of cancer, as well as disorders of the nervous system, are at the highest risk. Doctors also advise people who have previously been treated for mental disorders and neuralgic diseases to pay special attention to their condition.

Doctors advise to seek medical help at the first symptoms. If do not prevent the development of «brain fog», then soon, in addition to short-term memory loss and other problems in the brain, fixed at first, can appear panic attacks, unmotivated aggression and even vision problems.