OREANDA-NEWS Bulgarian pepper is the “king” among vegetables because it contains a large amount of vitamins. It is in the fridge of every housewife, because the taste of pepper gives a special flavor to dishes. The first thing doctors report is that it contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits. It has proteins, fats, amino acids, antioxidants, and also contains potassium, iron, fluorine, magnesium, iodine and zinc. Bulgarian pepper is useful for weight loss, because its caloric content is 27 calories only. Vegetable activates metabolic processes and helps to digest meat dishes.

Doctors secrete rutin, vitamin P, which cleanses the blood vessels and makes them more elastic, and also reduces the risk of blood clots. The previously mentioned magnesium and potassium strengthen the heart and help remove toxins from the body. Daily use of pepper in the amount of 50 grams improves the condition of the visual and mucous membranes, strengthens the nails and hair.

Contraindications to the vegetable is still there, and you should consult with your doctor before use in the presence of epilepsy, problems with the kidneys and stomach, as well as hypertension. Fiber and essential oils can exacerbate the situation.