OREANDA-NEWS Doctors told how much honey can be consumed per day without harm to health. Doctors gave such recommendations on the eve of Honey Spas - Orthodox Christians celebrate it on August 14.

Professor of the Department of Outpatient Therapy at Sechenovskiy University, Doctor of Medical Sciences Aleksey Bueverov is sure that the maximum daily dose of honey for a person is equal to two tablespoons. It is better to consume honey in the morning, after which it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle.

At the same time, the benefits of honey are greatly exaggerated. The dietitian, therapist Elena Tikhomirova explains this by saying that in order to achieve the expected effect it is necessary to eat a lot of this delicious product. But the calorie content of the product is very high, and a large amount of honey will still not benefit. 

The therapist noted that the habit of putting honey in hot tea is also ineffective, since all the useful properties of the probiotic are killed.