OREANDA-NEWS  Standard measures to prevent flu and colds, including washing hands and using a handkerchief when sneezing, may not be enough in the fall. Experts advise to look at the products that need to be consumed in the season of colds, ARVI and flu.

In order to prevent cold in a natural way, it is recommended to eat fatty fish in the autumn. It contains amoega-3 and vitamin D which will help keep the immune system in good shape, and the high content of vitamin C in citrus fruits will contribute to the body's fight against viruses. 

It is noted that yogurt contributes to the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines which improves the absorption of nutrients and strengthens the immune system, and vitamin A contained in potatoes will help maintain it. 

The list of useful products to combat colds included almonds. The nut is rich in vitamin E and zinc. These small power plants support and strengthen the immune system. 

Earlier, experts called products that reduce blood pressure. These include berries, chocolate, apples, red wine, tea and pears. The effect is more pronounced in berries: systolic blood pressure decreases by an average of 4.1 millimeters of mercury compared to 3.7 for wine.