OREANDA-NEWS. A recent study by an international group of scientists at the Federal Institute for risk assessment Germany (BfR) has found probable cause of an Allergy to tattoos. It turned out that in the human body, which make the tattoos, are not only toxic substances from the ink, but metallic particles of needles. It is composed of iron, Nickel and chromium, which are allergens, according to the article, published in Springer Link.

Scientists decided to test the needles to tattoo machines, because they six to eight percent Nickel and 15 to 20 per cent of chromium.

The result was that, when the ink contains titanium dioxide (a white pigment, which is present in bright ink colors, such as green, blue and red), it wears out the needle. This is due to its high density and abrasive properties.

According to experts, they examined the needle before and after the application of the tattoo by scanning electron microscopy. And analysis showed that the needle had indeed been worn down as a result of such mechanical grinding.

At the same time, scientists note that to fully prove the connection contact of metallic nanoparticles with the appearance of Allergy, has not yet succeeded. Requiring much more extensive research and epidemiological nature.