OREANDA-NEWS  This was stated by the head of the payments division David Marcus in an interview with Bloomberg. 

“We are definitely exploring options for participation in this area because we think we have really good opportunities in it”, - he said. 

Marcus did not elaborate on what NFT products Facebook could create.

According to him, support for such assets is planned to be added to the “Novi” digital wallet. Regarding specific functions, Marcus noted that users need to create, store, rent and sell tokens.

The head of Facebook Financial confirmed that “Novi” is ready to be launched but the company intends to bring it to the market at the same time as “Diem” stablecoin.

In April, the media reported that the pilot launch of the coin would take place before the end of 2021. However, in August there were reports that the company behind the development of the project, “Novi” Financial, was ready to abandon its own digital asset in favor of third-party stablecoins.

According to Marcus, without additional innovations in financial technologies, the United States and the Occident may lag behind China in adapting to a world dominated by digital payments.