OREANDA-NEWS  The first Russian children's exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of children and adolescents with locomotor (motor) disorders successfully passed the first tests, the press service of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) reported on Thursday.

There are 15 million children in the world who have lost their ability to walk due to various disorders. The use of exoskeleton increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients with serious disorders of the musculoskeletal system both in hospital and at home.

The project to create an Exoatlet Bambini children's exoskeleton was supported by the working group of the national technology initiative, the company "Exoatlet" received 116.8 million rubles from the Federal budget through the NTI Fund for this project.

In turn, the Executive Director of the industry Union of NeuroNet Alexander Semenov told that initially testing was planned to be carried out in 2020, but exoskeleton Bambini developer ExoAtlet company was able to start earlier.

"The development proved its high level of efficiency at the initial stage. This is a useful and socially significant product, which should in the future increase the standard of living of the younger generation. What is happening now confirms their relevance in the market, " he said.

As explained in the press service of NTI, a distinctive feature of ExoAtlet Bambini is the relationship of robotic, medical and neurotechnologies.

The press service also reported that the next step will be the production of a new version of the exoskeleton and preparation for clinical studies with children in the clinic.

In 2020, it is planned to complete the testing of the equipment and move to clinical trials to register the product and in 2021 start selling ExoAtlet Bambini.