OREANDA-NEWS. Hydrographs of the Northern Fleet have confirmed the discovery of five new islands in Vise Bay off the west coast of Novaya Zemlya.

 “The area of ​​objects varies from 900 to 54.5 thousand square meters.  m. A topographic survey was carried out on the new islands, they are described in detail and photographed, ”the report said.

 Scientists believe that before these discoveries were covered with ice, but as a result of its melting in the Kara Sea, new land areas appeared.  The area of ​​the largest of the islands is more than 54 thousand square meters, and the smallest one is only 900 "squares".

 According to the director of the Russian Arctic National Park, Alexander Kirilov, such geographical transformations have become commonplace in high latitudes.  As a result of climatic changes on the Arctic map, not only new islands appear, but long-known islands also disappear.