OREANDA-NEWS. Canadian experts have learned to exploit the oil fields for hydrogen production. According to scientists, this will allow to use as a source of energy as existing, and abandoned sources of oil.

Unlike petrol and diesel, hydrogen does not pollute the environment when burning. Some automakers already use it for work vehicles. But so far large-scale introduction of hydrogen technologies was prohibited due to the high cost of their separation from the hydrocarbons.

Ian gates and Jacky Wang introduced the world to his theory on the geochemical conference in Spain. Their method is to introduce oxygen in oil fields, which will contribute to the increase in temperature and extraction of gas, from which further it is possible to obtain hydrogen.

According to the Grand Lookout, the founder of the company Proton Technologies Inc., obtained in this way hydrogen will be much cheaper than gasoline and has a fairly clean structure that allows you to use it for producing energy.