OREANDA-NEWS. Wing, a company owned by Alphabet, a subsidiary of Google, has received a permission of the Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)  for launching the world’s first delivery service using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). So Google has outstripped Amazon company which promised to launch delivery by drones in 2018 but did not.

Wing launches its first commercial delivery service in Australian capital Canberra. The drones are capable to deliver food, drinks or medications within a few minutes.

At the same time, drones have some disadvantages, for example the noise that they produce, and now the developers are forced to make more silent drones. In the CASA they mention security conditions connected with drones’ flights: it is forbidden for UAVs to move at a height of less than 5 meters, to fly over the main highways of the city, they must keep a distance no closer than 2 meters to men, UAVs are allowed to fly not earlier than 7 a.m. (8 a.m. on Sunday).

The testing of a new service lasted 18 months, when drones made more than 3 thousand deliveries. After launching, the service will be available for the residents of 100 houses in Canberra, and then the list of involved addresses will grow.

As for the future plans of Wing company, it is going to launch the perspective service of drone delivery in Europe. Since December 2018, Wing has tested its devices in Finnish capital Helsinki. They explain that Finland was chosen as a testing site, for its people are known to be the first in introducing new technologies.