OREANDA-NEWS.  Specialists of the Central Research Institute SET Krylovsky State Scientific Center (KGNTs) presented at the International Maritime Salon (IMDS) the details of the hydrogen tram project.

 Earlier, on July 5, during a visit to the KGNTS by the acting Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov announced the presentation of a tram project using hydrogen energy in August 2019.

 The model of the tram is equipped with a new electricity generation system, which is based on hydrogen fuel cells.  In September, the tram will have to undergo sea trials on St. Petersburg routes.

 “We equipped a tram with a factory electric motor with an autonomous power source, a fuel cell - a device that works on the interaction of hydrogen with air.  As a result of the physico-chemical process, an electric current is generated, which drives the transport.  An expensive contact network is not needed to operate a hydrogen fuel tram, running tests will be carried out on existing networks in the Moscow district without passenger service, ”said a company representative.