OREANDA-NEWS The developers of immunobiological drugs do not take into account the body weight of future patients because any participant in vaccination will receive the necessary dose of the active drug, said immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov. According to him, the dosage is calculated from the amount of antigen that forms antibodies when interacting with the body, writes «Moscow 24» media.

«For immunobiological drugs, they usually do not recalculate body weight. That is, it is important there how much antigen or active substance will meet with the immune system, which forms antibodies as a result of interaction with the body. Hence the dosage. Therefore, conversion to body weight is not done», Kryuchkov assured.

He added that a person's weight also does not affect the intensity of side effects from vaccination.

Earlier, another immunologist, Vladimir Bolibok, said that the «omicron» strain of coronavirus can settle on products and stay there for a long time, especially on cold and frozen goods, the immunologist assured. He stressed that kitchen utensils are more dangerous, and when the dish is heated, the virus easily dies.

He said that if the virus gets into the stomach, infection with «omicron» will most likely not occur due to hydrochloric acid. The immunologist stressed that the patient can become infected with coronavirus if the infection is fixed on the oral mucosa after using infected devices.