OREANDA-NEWS. From the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Thursday, August 22, the first humanoid robot Fedor went into space.

 Fedor flew to the International Space Station on the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft; the launch of the Soyuz 2.1a launch vehicle occurred at 6:38 Moscow time.

 On board the ISS, Fedya will work in avatar mode - that is, he will begin to repeat the movements of the operator, whose role will be played by cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov.  But what exactly will they do is again a secret.  It was rumored that the robot would first be given a fire extinguisher.  To simulate fire extinguishing.  But Yevgeny Dudorov, the developer of Fedor from the Android Technology NGO, denied these rumors.  He reported only about 5-6 "scientific tasks" that the robot on the ISS will have to solve.  And he promised to reveal their "secret" after Fedi returned to Earth.  And he will return in the same ship that he started.

 Soyuz MS-14 will fly to the ISS for two days.  The rapprochement of the ship with the station and its docking with the Search module of the Russian segment of the station should take place automatically at 08:30 Moscow time on August 24.