OREANDA-NEWS  Russian companies are the international leaders in the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), they have overtaken the US and Western Europe in this indicator. This is stated in a study by Microsoft.

The study is based on a survey of 800 top managers of companies with a staff of more than 250 people. Specialists from Russia, UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland participated in the survey.

According to Microsoft, in Russia 30% of managers are actively implementing AI, the world average is 22.3%, and, for example, in France is at the level of 10%. Among the priorities of the use of AI top managers from Russia called the correct formulation of the objectives (32%), development of business ideas (26%) and identification of new market opportunities (25%).

Russian leaders took second place (who is the first, not specified) in terms of positive attitude to AI — 73%. The Russians, Microsoft notes, also showed a higher readiness for training in the field of artificial intelligence: 90% (worldwide — 67.3%) expressed a desire to attract specialists to work more effectively with this technology. 30% of Russian managers are ready to allocate time to adapt to new working conditions, in the world this figure is 20.3%.​

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech to the Federal Assembly on February, 20 proposed to create a national program in the field of artificial intelligence. At the beginning of the month, sources reported that the Head of State will hold a meeting on the introduction of artificial intelligence in the country's economy, public administration, banks, agriculture and industry. In January, the President instructed the government and Sberbank to develop and provide approaches to the national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence by February, 25.